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Gerald Wartak


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Gerald is the founder and lead strategist of a successful Langley-based business. In his various entrepreneurial endeavours he has learned to wear many hats, but above all understands how to lead projects from concept, to strategy, to execution. As a business owner, Gerald further understands how to ground project within the parameters of resource allocation, budget and time frame.

A graduate of SFU, Gerald holds an Applied Science degree, and has used his process knowledge to assist his client-base in their brand strategy, market-analysis, business definition and development, and market execution.

In addition to his corporate endeavors, Gerald has lived in Langley for over 9 years with his wife and 2 children and has been involved as a Langley Hockey coach for 6 years, a Langley box and field Lacrosse coach for over 5 years, and currently sits as a Director on the executive board for Langley Minor Lacrosse.