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Suzanne Perreault

Independent for Langley Township School Board (incumbent)

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Suzanne enters the race with long term dedication with proven track record as an Advocate for EDI (ant-oppression) with an underlying passion for Emergency Preparedness.

 Suzanne is seeking a 2nd term as Trustee. She is a seasoned advocate for Inclusion for almost 20 years. A strong, compassionate committed community leader who’s served DPAC for 6 years with 3 consecutives as President. Suzanne worked as an Administrator of a Private Vocational School, Finical Office Manager, SEA and was a TEDx speaker. Currently engages as a Counsellor for Youth & Woman and an EDI Consultant. Various committee’s participated in the SD35, as a Trustee include: ya:yestel (Aboriginal Advisory) (4yrs), Inclusive Education (6yrs), Emergency Preparedness (5yrs) and is the primary advocate for the District to engage in such conversations, 2SLGBTQ (4 yrs), Human Dignity Coalition & Communications Committee. Chaired the BCCPAC Inclusive Ed Committee (3 yrs). Nominated for the Fraser Valley Diversity Award (2x) & BC Excellence in Autism Awards. Suzanne has successfully worked alongside educators & parents creating positive changes in school climate remaining student centered. Her motions speak to both EDI and Trauma Informed Practices. Notable mentions are: a) Barrier Free Spaces in Schools; 

b) Feminine Hygiene in Schools; c) Cultural Safety Training for onboarding Trustees; d) Safe and Inclusive Schools (seclusion/isolation rooms).

Reason for running

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The short answer as to why I do the work I do, whether it be as a Counsellor, Consultant, Trustee or Advocate is to save children's lives.

The systems we live in are steeped in oppressive language that does not provide equity and equal access to education for all students. My larger body of work endeavors to create conversations, improve polices and procedures and seek avenues to inject supports for students and staff so children can grow into adulthood feeling capable and equipped to participate in society.