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Charlie Fox

Independent for Langley Township School Board (incumbent)


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submitted to Langley Township's elections office by the candidate

Charlie Fox has lived in Langley for 49 years, moving to Langley in 1973 to take a teaching position. Charlie and his wife Diane both worked in the District. They have two children, both educated in the Langley District and now 2 grandchildren in the District. Charlie’s daughter is a teacher/administrator in the Langley School District. Charlie has always been committed to the public education system and continues to do so today.

Charlie spent his working in the Langley School District in both the elementary and secondary. He worked in a variety of schools within the Township which has given him a good working knowledge of the community, and how each sub-community differs in its needs and configurations and how this is reflected in the local schools. In 2005 Charlie ran for Township of Langley Council and served until October 2018.

Charlie is an independent candidate with no ties to other candidates or electoral organization.