This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

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Michael Pratt

Independent for Langley Township Council


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submitted to Langley Township's elections office by the candidate

I’ve served the Township of Langley on various committees, boards, and foundations since my early teens. With an undergraduate degree in Real Estate and Urban Land Economics and completing a Master’s Degree in Urban Studies, I’ll be an asset to Council as our community continues to grow and change. With my experience, record of service, and a lifetime in Langley, I will be a voice for thoughtful planning, independent thinking, and respect for the taxpayer. Being transparent and accessible to all residents will be a priority. You should expect that your elected officials return your calls and work to solve the issues presented to them. It’s time for Council to have a vision for our community beyond the next election, and with new ideas and a proven ability to work with diverse groups, I’m confident that with your support, I can help implement a bold, new vision for Langley.