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Sukhman Gill, local resident of Langley, was raised on a farm. He is passionate about the agricultural sector in langley and wants to encourage farming to the younger generations. Gill has his Associates in Applied Science and is completing his Business Administration Degree.

Sukhman Gill is a 23-year-old businessman raised in the Fraser Valley, with twin sisters who are three years younger. He and his sisters have grown up on the family blueberry farm, understanding farming as a lifestyle and being part of the local agricultural community. His grandfather, Iqbal Singh Gill, was the lead chairman of the village in Punjab, India, which is where the Gill family originated. His father, Avtar Singh Gill, was on the board of the BC Blueberry Growers Association. He became involved in politics when he was 16 as he volunteered for the BC Liberals doing door knocking, phoning, and community outreach. 

Gill has completed his Associate in Applied Science (Agri-Business Ag Econ) and Bookkeeping Certificate and is completing his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at Kwantlen College, focusing on accounting so that he can be an effective financial manager in business. His studies were interrupted by covid, which brought him home and back to the family farm. He is the farm and office coordinator for BKS Blueberry Farm Ltd. and is passionate about the realities of farming in a changing world. Gill is well-connected to the Sikh community in the Fraser Valley, and knows how to carry the message of the Sikh community, as farmers, and to engage with farmers from other cultural communities who share the same issues and concerns within Langley’s agricultural community.  

Coleman recruited Gill because he knows the valuable role that families and businesses like BKS Blueberry Farms have in Langley Township. Gill’s clear perspective on community and the connection between agriculture and a thriving economy in Langley will make him an excellent Councillor on Rich Coleman’s Council with Elevate Langley.

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As local residents are having difficulties dealing with the current council. Our community needs an efficient and effective council who is always ready to listen to the people of our community and responds with results.