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Sierra Pilcher


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Passionate about Langley, its people and the environment.

Langley has always been a part of who I am. Growing up, I practised synchronized swimming at the Walnut Grove pool and learn to ride horses in Campbell Valley park.

Currently, I'm a small business consultant with a background in engineering, user-experience design and business technology management. I work with Langley businesses to streamline and improve their processes, solve complex problems through strategic planning and innovative solutions, and ultimately save business owners time and money.

As a past tv/radio host, Miss Teen Surrey-World, and finalist for Miss Teen Canada-World and Miss BC, I used my platform to bring attention to issues facing the community, and charitable causes. I also created mentorship programs and held seminars for youth.

I'm honoured to have been nominated for awards including the Loran Community Leadership, Seva Award, and CCPA Power of Youth Leadership awards. 

I volunteered for nearly 10 years and served on the Board of Directors for the Cloverdale Rodeo and Country Fair, giving me vital experience in listening to community feedback and bringing people together to create innovative solutions that benefit all sides.

Reason for running

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You deserve to be heard.

I believe the great people of Langley deserve to be heard.

In my youth mentorship programs, I provided a platform for youth to voice their concerns, needs and opinions. I learned the importance of listening and advocated to have these needs met, questions answered and concerns addressed.

In my role as Director, I took feedback from community members and stakeholders, and worked to create solutions that benefit all sides.

Council needs to work together with its people to ensure each community in Langley is fully supported. Public safety needs to be fully funded. We need to work with staff and developers to ensure permit times are within an acceptable range. We need to work further with developers to increase our green technology within homes without passing the financial burden to potential or current homeowners.

We need a solid plan for the future that addresses and solves our current pain points with innovative solutions while planning for the growth in our population, the changing landscapes of our town, and the affects of climate change on our citizens.

I believe I can help create that for Langley and foster real, positive change for our citizens. I'm looking forward to bringing my skills and experience to foster real change in our community and I believe my varied experiences and diverse community networks will make me a strong voice on the Township of Langley council.