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Carlos Suaréz Rubio

Independent for Langley Township Council
My policies have in common the environment, the protection of private property, the reduction of taxes or the freeze of more taxes, and austerity. I want to bring more health to people by incrementing recreational activities, and reduce the use of cars in Langley.

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Born in 1980/10/15, Carlos was raise by a traditional mid-upper class Colombian family, in Bogota Colombia. His mother Consuelo Rubio de Suarez, and His father Carlos Suárez Rios.

 Carlos grew up with two older sisters, and moved to Canadá at the age of 20. He has completed a bachelors degree of Arts and Science with Major in Political Science at Trinity Western University, and has worked for the private sector for 20 years. Although six of these have been in security. Carlos loves politics,law, Justice and order. Carlos loves to play golf, watch good movies, volunteer, and read about leadership. Although, Carlos loves the township and politics, his intent is to stay in council for 4 years and then move to the east to Ottawa or Montreal, to go to law school. Then, Carlos intends to run for council one more time, and then move to do provincial politics for Langley East as a candidate of the BC Conservative Party.

Reason for running

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I am running to show people that politics can be done with integrity, and in service to the people, rather than in my own self seeking services.

I am running to condemn corruption, and bring darkness to light. I am running to inspire more youth into politics and transform the township of Langley. I am running to take care of the environment and bring about a sustainable future. I am running to protect green spaces and the rights of property owners.