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Spenser Sproul

Independent for Burnaby School Board
Higher levels of engagement from students, families, and people in our communities starts with more conversations - even difficult ones. I want to help create that space to speak freely, openly, honestly, and find out just where we can grow together.

Climate Change

Energy-Efficient Buildings & Retrofits

I support an expansion of our community resources that showcase the environmental impact of our schools.
I support green retrofits of current schools, and school property.

Climate Education and Advocacy

I support expanding education for students on the climate crisis. Their innovation, advocacy, and creativity will be essential.

Human Rights

Trans Rights & Access to Services

I support an inclusive environment for all students to thrive.

Local Government & Democracy

Public Engagement

I am an advocate for more public engagement for all citizens of Burnaby with the goal of our policies being more reflective of our diversity

Youth Engagement

I support broader engagement with students and youth across the board, as they too have a voice, which will influence future generations.

Mental Health, Drugs, & Addiction

Mental Health in Schools

Mental health and mindfulness is essential in helping students to thrive in their core studies (English, Math, and Sciences)

Reconciliation & Indigenous Nations

Residential Schools

In order to move forward in our reconciliation journey, it starts with recognizing what has already happened. I support these initiatives.

Schools & Public Education

Media Literacy & Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is essential for taking us further - some conversations are difficult, some problems complex. We need to connect deeply.

Educating students so that they can deepen their conversations on topics is a core piece of finding better solutions to complex problems. Today's problems have heightened complexity, and broader impacts, and our decisions need to better reflect that complexity, not push it to the side.

Neurodivergent Students

All students should feel included, and should showcase the mosaic of our communities.

Student Involvement & Engagement

I support and encourage student engagement across the board. Students create their own stories - that's part of school life.

Misc. topics


submitted by the candidate or their team
Raised in Burnaby, and a graduate of Burnaby schools, I am committed to the educational well-being of our students and their families.

Listen to the voices in our communities,
Re-engage with students, families, and industry leaders,
Take bold action to support our students.

Hi everyone, my name is Spenser Sproul, and I'm running for the position of trustee for the Burnaby Board of Education. As a born and raised Burnaby local, it's an honour to run for the position of trustee - to give back to the city in which I grew up, to the schooling system that instilled a love of learning in me, and to the community which taught me about resilience and perseverance.

When I look at the world today, I recognize that it has changed, that the challenges I faced growing up have shifted. Today’s students and their families face complex challenges that our schools and teachers, with the support of Parents’ Advisory Councils are wanting to address. As an educator from a family of educators with a deep love of learning, as your Trustee, I will ensure that our decision-making processes and policies remain true to our community values while also reflecting our changing world and the new voices around us.

Those values which hold true:

-a commitment to equity, access, and inclusion

-recognizing the strength of our local diversity, and

-the importance of helping our students be their best selves.

Armed with those values, and as we face those new and complex challenges, it’s important to:

listen to the voices in our communities, 

re-engage with students, families, and industry leaders,

take bold action to support our students when they need it most.

I am happy to be a voice for the citizens of Burnaby, that speaks in service to the community that raised me, and focuses on tackling the challenges of tomorrow.

I work as a Risk Management Professional with VanCity, and hold a BA from McGill and an MA from Ritsumeikan University in Japan.