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Theresa Pidcock


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Theresa’s lifelong passion is advocating for others. Her finance career of 15 years didn’t satisfy her drive for change, so she became an education assistant in Surrey Schools working with vulnerable, at-risk children and those with diverse and complex needs. She joined her Local, and working her way up, became First Vice President of CUPE 728. She also sits on the CUPE BC Women’s Committee, NWDLC and CUPE Metro. Born in Surrey, Theresa was raised in Bridgeview by a single mom. Due to the cost of living she moved frequently as a child and has since worked hard to put herself through school, to provide a better life for her own children. Theresa’s main cause is the fight for others; to create a community where families can feel safe, loved, and valued. She believes in fairness and equality, allowing everyone to have a place at the table to be heard.