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Manjeet S Sahota

Independent for Surrey Council
All of my policies work to make the lives of Surrey citizens better.

Misc. topics


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I obtained a BSc. from UBC and a MSc from Iowa State. I have also completed a certificate in technical writing from BCIT, project management courses at SFU and graduate studies at UVic.
I enjoy researching topics and finding optimal solutions to problems.

Reason for running

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I love Surrey and I want it looking great and the residents to be happy living here. I want the core city issues looked at like having problem free roads and sidewalks, recreational centers that are enjoyable and parks that are fun to visit.

A vote for Manjeet Sahota will get your voice heard and questions addressed. I like to talking to residents and helping them find solutions to any issues they might be having.

On my website (, I have listed the platform ideas that I would like to work on. I address housing affordability, student programs and assistance for Indigenous.