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Dupinder K Saran

My vision is to have schools which are more bully free & inclusive environments, assessments for health & mental health of children so they can perform better. Prevention & long term solution based interventions to meet the learning needs of children. Correcting gaps in system


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Married with two children. A Registered Nurse. Born & raised in Surrey & has a passion for community service and advocacy. Founder of One Voice Canada Foundation which helps support & advocate for International Students. Trustee & Vice-Chair at Surrey Libraries. PAC volunteer

I am a previous School Trustee candidate from 2018. I unsuccessfully ran, however was able to get a good number of votes, over 13900 votes, which motivated me to attempt again this year.

I am born and raised in Surrey & have lived here for over 40 years. I have been through the Surrey Public School System & so have my children. I have seen Surrey develop and have seen where the gaps are in the system through my grassroots community activism & advocacy. I understand the needs of the Surrey community & the Public School system.

I have worked with various Health Authorities, including Provincial Health Services Authority, BC Emergency Health Services under the operations of Ministry of Health. With my various Nursing Experience in both Clinical & Leadership skills, I have what it takes to help both School operations and meet the needs of the children by assessing the system & determine long term solutions. Prevention & intervention are important to help our children with their needs.

I want to be able to provide input where needed. Add value to our Public School System, analyse and implement what’s needed in collaboration with others to assist our community schooling needs. In doing so, working in partnership with all levels of Government, with Parents, with School Staff, and with Children.

I hope to make a difference for our Children in Surrey and help build & develop long term sustainable solutions with the growth we are seeing in our City. Our children should be benefitting from our Public system & not feeling lack thereof.

I have a proven record in the Community to deliver action & I hope to have the opportunity to do so within the Public School system in Surrey as well. Thank you for taking the time out to read my Bio and info.

Reason for running

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I devote my time to the community of Surrey volunteering & advocating on many fronts grassroots helping those most vulnerable. I’ve worked on helping youth, women, seniors & those in need. Surrey schools need change & assessments of the gaps in the system. That’s my expertise

Assessments help assist in understanding what needs there are. As a Registered Nurse of 24 years with various nursing background, that’s what I do best, assess & implement interventions as needed. Where prevention is need, I aim to use those techniques so that we can deliver results before there is a problem. The following are areas which definitely need further assessments, prevention & interventions:

Platform ~

  • Anti- bullying work
  • Ant-Racism work
  • Drugs & Gang prevention measures
  • Health & Mental Health well-being

Being a parent myself, I completely understand and empathise with those in the system lacking what they need to become strong learner’s. Listening to parents, staff, and children’s concerns is something I’ve been doing since my own daughter had entered the system, 20 years ago. I aim to be there for parents & children & try to help resolve matters to the best of my ability. Collaboration & communication is an important aspect to get things done & deliver. I find it’s important to collaborate with Staff & Parents, and/or others to help meet the needs of Children in the education system.

Platform -

• More funding for counsellors

• More support for E/A’s & Teachers

• More resources for Special Needs

• Collaboration with Community Partners

I have a background of delivering what I say in the community & am action oriented. Aiming to do what’s best for all. I want our schools to be acknowledged as one of the best, and therefor want to work on what’s best for our children, based on finding solutions for the gaps in the system. We want Children who grow into successful & productive adults, by focusing & catering to their needs.

Platform -

• More After school programs

• Collaboration & Liasons (Police, Nurses)

• More funding for School Development

With the grassroots community work expertise, and the nursing clinical & leadership skills I have I want to be able to give a new perspective to the current situation & assist where and when I can, in order to provide the necessities to our children when it comes to their education.

parentsvoicebc/dupindersaran www.parentsvoicebc/dupindersaran