This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

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Sunny Mangat

Independent for Surrey School Board


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submitted to Surrey's elections office by the candidate

I grew up in Surrey and in the Surrey school district. My son will also be entering the school district next year. One of my areas of focus will be inclusivity and accessibility within our educational system, where all children irrespective race, ethnicity, class, disability, neurodiversity, gender and/or sexuality feel safe and have a right to education. My aim is to ensure that children feel accepted on their very first day up until they graduate.

I will utilize my knowledge, education in sociology, experience as a professor and passion for human rights to make effective changes to strengthen our educational system. My area of research is in power, identity, human rights, race/ethnicity, and gender. I have dedicated my research and work to understanding identity and society and I want to apply that knowledge and expertise to positively impact our educational system.