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Rochelle Prasad


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Hello my name is Rochelle (she/her), I am running with Surrey Connect to be your Councillor at City Hall.

We need to address crime, affordable housing, and get rid of the unethical leadership in Surrey.

Through my expertise as a former City of Surrey employee in Parks and Recreation, Non Profit CEO, and as a education advocate - I will develop and enhance youth programs to reduce crime, support the development of recreation centres, and work alongside local non profits to make sure new comers and immigrants have the tools they need to strive in surrey.

Reason for running

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Rochelle Parsad’s focus as a councillor:
● Creating a youth advisory council
● Developing technical and vocational training for all ages
● Affordable housing
● Public safety through youth prevention programs
● Ethics and transparency at City Hall
Vote for Rochelle for Surrey to be a global leader in training people of all ages in technical and vocational development