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Maryann Pyne


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As a natural born leader I have an unwavering commitment to community and service. I enjoy working in concert with others to find creative and cost effective resolutions that benefit the community as a whole. My belief is, together everyone achieves more.

At the age of 15, I came to Canada from Jamaica and I remember the challenges I faced as an immigrant. As a mother of four and a grandmother of six children, I recognize that education cannot be a "one size fits all" The challenges faced by students, parents and teachers today, need to be addressed with transparency, care, consideration and commitment.

Reason for running

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Now is the time for change! When everyone has the necessary tools for our students to reach their full potential, then the community succeeds.
  1. I believe education must be a shared responsibility.
  2. Trustees need to keep up with the ever-changing times. As such a large and diverse city, Surrey must face head-on many of it's complex issues while maintaining standards that are fitting of progressive school districts around the world.
  3. Student achievement is very important; therefore, all students must be given the necessary tools to work at their full potential and have fair and equal access to education, regardless of what very real challenges they may be facing.