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Aida Canonigo

Independent for Surrey School Board


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My name is Aida, an independent candidate running for Surrey School Trustee.

My name is Aida Canonigo, Filipino – Canadian. I’m one of the nominees in this years Municipal Election and running for the office of School Trustee.

I’m proud to be a community leader as a City Fitness Instructor. As an instructor, I have learned about discipline of the mind and body. I have a passion for voicing my opinions around the community.

I was a junior class leader during my high school life and was a representative of the youth council. I understand there is a need for someone who is convincing, brave, outspoken, and hardworking, to represent the youth. I’m not timid to voice your ideas to the Board of Trustees and would encourage you to make your voice heard.

I will work to my greatest ability to make sure that the school is an enjoyable and safe environment for all.

To the Board of Trustees, you can trust me.

Reason for running

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I’d like to participate in policy-making and strategic planning that are in the interests of all the district’s students and promoting student achievement and well-being.