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Shweta Bassi


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submitted to Surrey's elections office by the candidate

Being an energetic member in the community of Surrey, I, Shweta Bassi has quite the passion for helping and supporting individuals. I have worked in a non-profit organization specifically helping Canadians, new immigrants and refugees who come to Canada with dreams to build the life they want. Myself who arrived in Canada as an immigrant is a major reason why I chose to work in this field, which I have been doing for over 9 years. This genuine passion comes from the heart, making kindness my key trait in life. Coming from India, I have been living in Surrey for 12 years with my husband and 4 children. Throughout my years in this community, I have been observing issues such as the uplift of prices, youth challenges, affordable childcare, and housing. Aside from these issues, I would admire to see Surrey as a safe home to many diverse communities.