This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

Balbir Gurm

Priority #1: More Funding for Surrey Schools
Priority #2: Creative Solutions and Action NOW
Priority #3: Safety in Schools

Please read my detailed vision below to see how I plan to leverage my 30 years community service and educational background to get this done!

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Nursing professor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University with a Doctorate Degree in Education/community activist/mom of 3 children who went through the public school system/former pack president/founder of the Network to Eliminate Violence in Relationships.

I am a proud Surrey resident of over 30 years, a Professor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University with a Doctorate degree in Education, former PAC President, and mom of 3 children who went through the public school system.

As a PAC president I worked with teachers, parents, guardians, politicians, students, and grandparents, and advocated for events and resources that would increase everyone’s sense of community and belonging. This includes organizing events that the whole school community could attend, allowing the school space to be used on evenings and weekends to provide services for the community, and implementing a healthy snacks policy for the school vending machine. 

Volunteering my time and advocating for equality and community change has always been a passion of mine. I am the Founder and Facilitator for the Network to Eliminate Violence in Relationships; a network of over 200 individuals from over 100 cross sectoral organizations who all share the goal of eliminating relationship violence. Together, we provide education to service providers, community members, and advocate for policy changes at all levels of government. 

Through my many years of community work I have built a reputation as someone who brings people from all sectors and walks of life together to achieve objectives. I strive to use any position of privilege and power I have to advocate for others.

I would be honoured to work for and with the community as a member of the Surrey Board of Education. My experience has provided me with the tools to engage with all relevant stakeholders to find the best possible solutions for our children and their success.

Reason for running

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I decided to run because families in the communities shared their challenges with me and asked me to run. My background in education and health, combined with 30 years of experience successfully working with all levels of government and community orgs, will aid change in schools.