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Amrit Birring

Honesty - Transparency - Freedom

Misc. topics

Covid Tyranny

Amrit Birring's policy

Rehire employees terminated due to COVID policy, restore Justice


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A father of two, Amrit is a Software Developer by profession. He did his computer science degree from UBC Vancouver. Amrit is passionate about the values of straightforwardness, honesty, and freedom. He wants to provide a Clean City Hall that works for the People of Surrey. His approach is to find the root cause of a problem and then solve it permanently. Amrit looks from multiple perspectives at a problem, to find the best possible solution. He wants to defend Freedom of people, right for affordable housing as per Canadian incomes, defend Children’s rights for a robust education free of indoctrination, and wants to lower taxes. Amrit is an avid runner, back country camper, hunter, archer, horse rider, and practices Taekwondo and Yoga.

Reason for running

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To implement/advocate the following platform:
- Rehire employees terminated due to COVID policy, restore Justice
- Confront rising housing costs – Call out Federal / Provincial governments
- Fight against SOGI 123 and CRT Indoctrination, every child matters
- Raise standards of academics and sports in schools, our children second to none
- Religious Institutes protected against closure in crisis, that’s when we need them most
- Advocate for small businesses and cut red tape, support local businesses
- Promote Transparent, Independent Journalism, it’s needed for a healthy society
- Ensure RCMP obeys the Charter of Rights/Freedoms, they took oath to defend it
- Motivate youth to build professional careers, that will alleviate shortage of personnel
- Children belong to parents, not govt, parents make best decisions for their children
- Persecute criminals instead of legal firearm owners, defend our freedoms