This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

Golok Buday

Independent for Vancouver Mayor
A desire to guarantee Liberty and force decentralization on other jurisdictions for Vancouverites.

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Misc. topics

Formula E/1

If things were done right, #F1 could be here and they might be taking care of the road most of the year. A failure of city leadership.”

“The City is at fault, not the organizing body, if things were done right, #F1 could be here and they might be taking care of the road most of the year. A failure of city leadership.”

We need a stream lined unpresuming Permit system, and look to allowing Autobaning of the proposed Track year round, where-as the Track runners pay and care for the Road year round.

A Vancouver Constitution

Ban the Federal Government, put the Province in it's place, and establish a Constitution.

In preparation of a possible win and possible rejection as Decentralized Authority and a need to declare Independence, I have prepared a Constitution much of which shows where I am at, even with regard to changing our system and decentralizing.

Share and spread the word about this document.

End the Expropriation Bylaw/Policy.

Right now the city could propose a desire for your land and steal it if you don't take what they see as reasonable for it, this policy must end. I will tolerate no violations of individual property rights.

More on Act and Bylaw here.

The Water And Sewage

Use of composting toilet technology to stop messing up False Creek.

Down in the waters near Science World, concern over sewage has been very real.

There is a solution, something I mentioned to Jake Costello at the CBC in 2018.

It was using the composting toilet technology to replace all the outgoing sewage, and product a compost we can use in the parks, or even sell on the market to deal with costs.

If it works out, it will start mitigating, and eventually it will conceivably eliminate a whole lot of needless waste in the Harbor.

It’s worth delving into, I’d rather like to even make it possible for builders to build this in new buildings and houses or adapt the system below the city on property lines. If they put in the expense they can sell the compost.

I recommend looking into this technological marvel, it may be the future.

See Site

Community Councils

Bring true representation in. End the At-Large System, and Centralization of the City.

10 Councillors city wide, lack of Wards, and worse it’s not always easy to get to City Hall.

Maybe there should be more councilors that meet together in the community, representing parts of the community, sending their consensus to the Mayor

Even much more voluntary and showing more down to earth concerns.

Basically a Town Hall system where communities have more say over their own affairs and concerns, rather than have 10 communities tell 1 how it is and will be for them.

Permits and Taxes...

End taxes and replace this and most bylaws with a new Permit/Business Agreement System.

No need for taxes as they are now.

Imagine you had an idea for a business or product. You simply fill out a small simple agreement, practically letter card sized.

Your contact info, your name or business name.

Your pledge “I will not cause harm to another’s financial situation or physical self and property without informed consent.”

added with understanding that they will provide 1% of all sales of Goods, Services, Shares, and Franchise to the city.

Your presumed innocent of inflicted such harms as anyone, and unless proven to break that pledge, the City will not care what your type of business. It isn’t ours. Granted if your selling it on a public street, it may be a little more our business. Presumption is there will be offices, storefronts, and home offices involved.

aka Open Permit

Ban The Federal Government!

Ban the CRA, RCMP, and all other Federal Departments from Vancouver City Limits.

Reject Transfer Fees, ban the CRA, ban the RCMP and all Federal Government Departments from Vancouver City Limits.

We need a Mayor who will take power from Central Authorities and their interests, reject even Provincial Acts and Laws that harm Vancouver.

We had too many Mayors out there “following the rules,” allowing stop and searches and taxing their income for World War 1, is that over yet?

I will stick my neck out, risk my own freedom as Mayor, to see Liberty for Vancouverites.

The Business’ will not have to pay or charge in Canadian Dollars if they don’t want to, pick a legal tender and pick a Crypto or many if you want, as a business. Set pricing for each.

More here


I have been a long time opponent of forced medicating, as a MindFreedom Activist and Vancouver, BC Affiliate.

I fought against forced Medicating, State Psychiatric assault, and recently also against enforced Masks and Vaccinations. A mainstay at a Freedom Rallies, and a MindFreedom Vancouver, BC Affiliate. I will stand for any forced use of masks or vaccine or any medication, including Ritalin and hormones used on kids.

More on site.


The IOC is a parasitic Globalist organization and deserves no aide from the City of Vancouver to suck use of more resources again.

Have we forgotten the huge bills wracked up, the debt taken on our future for the Olympics and it’s side ventures. The “World Class City,” didn’t even happen. What ever that even meant.

Promises to end homelessness, nothing done, as impossible it may have been, Robertson never admitted it.

The IOC is a blood sucking organization that has no place in an ideally free society. Budapest was wise to say no to them.

Have a games between BC Cities, if you must. It was the notion of the Original Olympics. Athens vs Sparta. Either way even that should not be paid for by public trust revenues.

Now they even set it up, so Indigenous Bands and Tribes are left with some or all the blame when this goes tits-up.


submitted by the candidate or their team
Best known as born on May 29th 1978.
Pronouns: I, Me, Individual
Libertarian, Comedian, Satirist. Owner of Huffinglue Post.
Ran for Mayor 1996,2002,2005,2008,2011,2018 previously.

Best known as born on May 29th 1978.

Pronouns: I, Me, Individual

Libertarian, Comedian, Satirist. Owner of Huffinglue Post.

Ran for Mayor 1996,2002,2005,2008,2011,2018 previously;

BC MLA in Vancouver Hastings, where he lives, in 2020, heavily against Mandates and Centralism, for actual Tax Cuts - BC Libertarian;

BC Federal MP as a (BC)Libertarian, in Vancouver-East 2019 and 2021.

BC Libertarian Party Ethics Chair, Elected 2 Years.

Activist for MindFreedom as a Vancouver, BC Affiliate, against Medical Mandates since the start of the Century.

Also Rhino Party Member, Free Speech and Individual Rights Activist.

Targeted Individual.

Reason for running

submitted by the candidate or their team
To promote and foster the growing understanding of Liberty and what a Libertarian and Classic Liberal is.
To fight for the Decentralization of Power. Banning the CRA and Other Government Federal Government institutions from City Limits. Restricting Provincial Influence, if not ending it. A City/Principality Constitution.
End the Property Use and Management Bylaw. Easing the Ability to get Permits while also changing how services are paid for, replacing taxes, all of them.
Also, need someone to vote for I can trust to push this.