This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

Marlo Franson

Independent for Vancouver Council


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I, Marlo Franson was born and raised in Regina, Sask. and got my BA Psychology at the U of S. I moved to Vancouver in 1994 and have constantly loved and worked in this city since. I am well educated and enjoy movies, biking and the weather of Vancouver.

I love politics and would love an opportunity to prove to you that I am the candidate you are looking for to help give this city a wonderful future. I have seen many things happen in this city and want to make sure we do see changes. I want to see a future where we are safe and comfortable in this city. I have years of work experience in many fields that allows me to understand where we need to go and how to get there. I can learn on the spot and know how to keep us moving forward. You have an candidate that really loves this city and is a realist who knows the people. Vote for Marlo Franson.

Reason for running

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I want to make sure we have a clean, safe and affordable city for all of us. I want to make sure we are not taxed more and have great transit to reduce traffic. I have a desire and eagerness to make Vancouver great!

I know it is hard to pick which candidate you want to run the city but what makes me different from all the rest. Well, I think we need to focus on the homeless issue and want to study, report and head up ways to help solve this, unlike past Councillors who seem to forget this issue exists until election time. I want to help Vancouver be Green and Safe by talking with Vancouver Police on ways we can create less crime. I think it is about time we elected someone who understands the people and is with the people. Too many Councillors in the past seem to miss the real issues and listen more to the interest groups instead of the people. Well it's time for a change and vote for Marlo Franson.