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Leona Brown

Independent for Vancouver Mayor
ReconciliACTION. Healthier functional society that should Do Better than just saying Vancouver is a city if Reconciliation and still keep Indigenous oppressed in a Genocidal system where our voices are ignored.


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A Voice of Reconciliation. ReconciliACTION. Indigenous Sovereignty. Indigenous Healing

Reason for running

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Reconciliation has been a word that is over used so much, it now has no meaning. The System needs to put it into ACTION now. When you say your platform is for Reconciliation, what exactly are you doing? My Action is circular; Land, food, waterways, mental health, physical health, which are all interconnected.

In order to create a Healthy Society, proper Fund Management needs to occur. A FREEZE ON POLICE FUNDS can be redirected to support those in Healing, in addiction, and those who are houseless, those with no food or lacking services

Sovereignty is understanding the natural laws of the lands we live on. We are in an era where we all should be working together to create a healthy society. No matter which party you Run with. Indigenous peoples' voices, stories and lived experiences are valuable. Listening is a way of Decolonizing systems.

Healing for our peoples is very much a priority to succeed in this society. Otherwise you continue to support and uphold a Genocidal System. Decolonizing spaces to create gardens in Community and Schools as Curriculum and to relearn our Indigenous plants is a way of healing our spirits. Garden Spaces can provide safe spaces to learn from each other, breaking down walls of hate, racism and bullying, to reconnect to who we are. Access to a Just Health Care System is needed. Having our parents heard in Schools can change policies. Viewing the world from an Indigenous perspective is a way to Decolonize.