This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

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Ken Charko

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Housing & Homelessness


Ken Charko's policy

Co-Op housing on City-Owned Land, entry first-time home buyers considered in the approval process.

Co-Op Housing

Ken Charko's policy

Yes - we should start with 1000 per year and move that up.

Housing & the Broadway Plan

Ken Charko's policy

Broadway plan is inadequate more entry-level homes, Small businesses that have been around for years should have consideration and Parks

Property Taxes

Ken Charko's policy

Keep the rate of tax increases as low as possible.


Ken Charko's policy

Renters have to be protected from Landlords that reno-evict.


Ken Charko's policy

I do not believe in SROs have been used in the past. How bad can SROs be when you have one but would rather live in a tent on the street?

Misc. topics


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Ken "Movie Guy" Charko is a proven leader and investor in Vancouver's future: owner of Dunbar Theatre (Best Popcorn), winner of the Chamber of Commerce business of the year, nominated for environment innovator, and president of Hillcrest Community Centre, voted the best centre in Vancouver. A community guy! Raised with the help of the Vancouver Canucks $500,000 for Ukraine.

Reason for running

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I want to give small businesses a voice at City hall. During the COVID pandemic the city required businesses to close down but they were still required to pay city taxes, which is Insane. Tax increase of over 24% has to stop.