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Morning Lee

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submitted to Vancouver's elections office by the candidate
As an investor & consultant, I'll bring passion, problem-solving ability to city.My fighting-history against discrimination is we need.I worked as driver,mover,engineer...&opened many company like furniture, moving/shipping, RealEstate,trading...I understand you&will work for you

158 Morning Lee, the last candidate on the ballot.

NPA Vancouver City Councillor Candidate

Morning Lee is a successful entrepreneur and business consultant with clients from all over North America. He immigrated to Canada in 2004 with just $2,000 to his name. Always an entrepreneur and hard-working, Morning started all the businesses he could just to survive. 

He worked as a truck driver, mover, cleaner, renovator and computer engineer amongst other jobs. Some months during his early months in Canada he only had $200 to live on.

By 2006, as some of his companies became successful, Morning began to plant roots in Vancouver. He also became the father of two kids.

In 2015 many of Morning’s businesses were running themselves and he moved into real estate. Building upon his personal success in the industry, he expanded into managing a large real estate team by 2017.

Many members of Morning’s real estate team also had entrepreneurial success under him so he began an investing and business consulting business in 2022. He is now a highly sought-after business investor and consultant.

Morning loves solving problems and building businesses. This is a mindset needed in City Hall.

During the pandemic as Asian hate Crimes became prevalent in Vancouver, Morning stepped in to be a leader in the community and stood up for victims of these crimes as the director of a grassroots community advocacy group.

In addition to his advocacy against hate crimes, Morning is deeply concerned for the general public safety issues on our streets and is passionate about fighting to make Vancouver safe. Public safety is his priority.

Morning is a community leader and will bring passion, energy and an ability to solve problems to City Hall. His history of fighting against discrimination is something our city needs.

You can vote for Morning to be your city councillor on October 15.

I am the last Councillor Candidate on the ballot, #158 Morning Lee

Reason for running

submitted by the candidate or their team
I moved to Vancouver 18 years ago, because Vancouver was the most livable city in this world. For the past 10 years, Vancouver has been damaged by city hall to the current situation which is not acceptable any more. Take a look Down Town East Side, It was acceptable 18 years ago

Is that still acceptable for you? Not for me.

Do you feel safe when you are walking in Vancouver?

Can you afford the rent or purchasing price of Vancouver? How about your kids?

I want to make Vancouver the most livable city again and stay on the top.

I want to make Vancouver a safe city.

I want to resolve the DTES problem which is part of drug/homeless/mental patients problem. Drug addicts are suffering. Homeless people are suffering. Vancouverites are suffering.

I want to make sure people has a home in Vancouver as long as people is working in Vancouver or doing small business in Vancouver.

I want to build more houses to resolve the house affordability crises, but Vancouver people first.

I want to make sure the building permit, development permit can be issued in 1 year.

I want to have some buildings providing free rent to young people who are starting their high tech business.

I want to provide free daycare, free seniors care to Vancouver people .

These are my dreams.

But it will come true with your vote, with your advice, your suggestions. I want to listen to you and work with you.