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Karin Litzcke

Independent for Vancouver School Board

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Education writer, researcher, advocate for better schools since my kids started school in the 1990s. I have pursued parent and public rights in committees, in media, and in court. I have supported teachers who use best practices for teaching math and reading, and pushed schools to deliver what parents and taxpayers expect: effective, economical programming that keeps kids emotionally healthy.

Reason for running

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Schooling is incredibly political. Why? Because even if it's "free," it involves an incredible amount of money. Lots of jobs are at stake, along with people's prestige, ego, & status. Corruption is rampant, from education faculties to the classroom. It's time to fix that.

I am running to disrupt union control and the transgender agenda in Vancouver public schools. Great schools don’t burden kids with transgender ideology. There are a lot of important topics in the management of public schooling. At the moment, they all pale in significance compared with the imposition of gender beliefs on kids, which is some kind of mental torture. Children have been suffering in schools for a long time, however, because a lot of paid stakeholders thrive when children fail. Adults with the backbone to protect kids are needed - and I have that.