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Matiul Alam

Public schools are the heart of a neighbourhood, and it is the School Board's responsibility to keep the heart beating.

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Living in this multicultural city, working as an educator, collaborating with dozens of community groups, and raising children through Vancouver's K-12 education system for over thirty years, Dr. Matiul Alam has learned much about the policymaking needed to prepare our youngsters to become dynamic problem solvers and effective agents of change in the world. Our children are our future leaders!

Born in Bangladesh, Matiul obtained a Master's in Statistics (JU), Post Graduate Diploma in Learning Resources (London, England), Master's in Education (Queen's), Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction (Simon Fraser University), and a Certificate in Education (Harvard).

Matiul has taught in education at SFU, Western Washington University, UNBC, Commonwealth Open University, and UBC for decades, and is now an Honourary Research Associate appointed by that university's governing body. He manages the Vancouver-based educational consulting firm, World Education Canada.

His experience with the Vancouver Multicultural Society, St. John Ambulance (as Director of Education), the VSB's Race Relation Committee, UNESCO's Anti-Racism Consultative Committee, the BCTF and global agencies such as Grameen Bank and the BRAC, prepares him to be an active and resourceful trustee for the Vancouver School Board.

Matiul possesses the knowledge and skills to research, collaborate, and network with parents, students, communities, teachers, and District and Education Ministry personnel to develop innovative policies to meet the challenges of post-Covid-19 education reform.