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Caitlin Stockwell

Parks and recreation play an essential role in creating community, tackling climate change, and fostering a love for sport and play –all neighbourhoods deserve access to these benefits. As a OneCity Park Board Commissioner, Caitlin will work to increase green space and facilities in underserved and growing communities, and maintain parks for future generations. Caitlin recognizes parks as important sites for respecting Indigenous laws and responsibilities, and will work to support Indigenous parks governance.

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Caitlin Stockwell (she/her) is a lawyer at First Peoples Law, where she supports the work of Indigenous Peoples in advancing their rights and upholding Indigenous laws and governance.

Caitlin has a background in climate policy and environmental law, including experience advocating for public parks. As a cyclist-commuter from Strathcona, tennis player and a just-for-fun triathlete, Caitlin uses parks daily and holds a love for sport.

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I see parks and public spaces as central to tackling climate change and readying our community for its impacts. They are important sites for recognizing and upholding Indigenous laws and jurisdiction, and for building inclusive communities.

With that, I am committed to lasting impact supported by three main advocacies: Climate Mitigation, Indigenous Rights Recognition, and Climate Resiliency