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Jeremy MacKenzie

Independent for Vancouver Council


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I come from a hard working, community oriented family. I have clear vision of prosperity and the greatness of our potential.

I am a passionate Canadian citizen who works in carpentry and I love playing music.

Reason for running

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I have the courage to do what is right for the people of Vancouver. I am aware of the global agenda undermining our culture and values, and seek to put an end to it. No more serving unelected entities foreign agendas.

Food Production - Think of the endless benefits of an abundant supply of fruit, vegetables and nuts in your own neighbourhood gardens and greenhouses. This will drastically reduce poverty.

Reclaiming Sovereignty - Exterminating involvement with UN WHO WEF

Truth and Common Sense - Truth and common sense are significant elements of the Bible. I believe it is wise to adhere to the principles and instructions of the Word of God, ultimately leading to truth.