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Morgane Oger


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My name is Morgane Oger, and I'm running with Progress Vancouver for City Council in the October 15 election.

Like you, I love the city and I want our city to be a place where we all thrive. Last year, 7000 people moved out of Vancouver when 100,000 moved into BC. School enrollment dropped by over 1000 as families leave the city. The opioid crisis is raging while thousands of people are unhoused in our city.

I’ve worked as a leader in non-profit human rights advocacy. In my leadership roles as Chair of Vancouver District Parent Advisory Council I helped families advocate to keep their schools open. As Vice President of the BC NDP, I helped oversee financial reform to stop Big Business and Big Labour from corrupting our democracy. While DPAC Chair in 2016 chair I organized parents and together we stopped VSB from closing 13 public schools.

Reason for running

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In my advocacy work, I've fought for the truth and accountability, and for it to be the basis of decisions that bring real outcomes.
I am running for City Council with Progress Vancouver because that is what I intend to do for you. BUT, I need your help.

I learned early that success is measured with tangible delivered outcomes that make things better. My experience has taught me that an excellent government works when led by someone who knows how to be a leader and who has a track record of successfully running organizations.

Progress Vancouver and Mark Marrisen are focused on overdue results. Together we can make Vancouver a city where everyone thrives.