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Amie Peacock

Independent for Vancouver Council
The only sustainable way to move Vancouver forward is when we bring innovation, creativity, will, and courage to address the old problems. My goal is to hold everyone in the leadership accountable. Together, we will celebrate small wins.

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As an instigator, hands-on problem solver, community organizer, community bridger and developer. Amie Peacock spends 85 percent of her waking time serving and cultivating relationships with community partners to alleviate the pain of loneliness caused by social isolation.

Recently, Amie is a winner of the 2022 Top 25 Canadian Immigrant ‘national’ Awards (also known as the 'People's Choice Awards' for her commitment of making our city connected and where people can have a sense of belonging. A founder of Beyond The Conversation, a thriving global non-profit.

She is a Harvard University in Business School newly graduated through a scholarship program. The focus of her studies were in Social Innovation and Change Initiatives. In 2021 her work was recognized by 'GivingTuesday' as one of 50 grassroots community leaders and change-makers from around the globe. Making her a Starling Collective Global Fellow.

Amie believes in giving back to her community that has given much to her success and flourishing. Today she mentors and coaches an intergenerational group ages 16 to 70 plus. Her greatest joy is seeing people thriving and flourishing under her leadership to become productive citizens.

In collaboration with GivingTuesday, Amie Peacock Co-Founded a 'GivingTalents' initiative that brings people together from across the globe which will be launched on November 29, 2022.

She calls Vancouver her home for over 30 plus years, and Mt. Pleasant her community for 16 years with her husband of 21 years.

Reason for running

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My reasons for running: Strengthening trust, accountability, and openness through collaboration and partnership in city hall. To be the voice for people who have been muted, to continue to build strong partnership with my community and I will stand behind YOU.

Like many Vancouverites I got tired of empty promises from politicians that tell us what we want to hear, but years after being elected there's a lack of accountability and performance. This city belongs to ALL, not just a playground for the rich.