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Steven Craig

Independent for Vancouver Parks Board


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Vancouver has been hijacked by a socialist ideology that will always bend the knee to the loud minority on political, environmental, social, and judicial issues. I will be the voice of the silent majority on Park Board related concerns by voting for sensible policies.

Reason for running

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*I will support law enforcement in the removal of campers in our parks and be charged to the full extent of the law. Recreation services are to be safe and accessible for all and this cannot be the case if our parks are overrun by open drug markets. The occupation that was held at Oppenheimer and Strathcona in the last couple years made the parks dangerous and unusable.

*In recent years there has been discussions from City Hall and Commissioners to demolish Langara Golf Course. I will stand in the way of any Park Board courses being violated. This course and surrounding trail are a valuable source of recreation that also turns a profit that funds other services.

-         Golf operations are financially self sustaining, generating over $10M in gross revenue annually.

-         Over $3M in annual net revenue contributions are allocated to offset expenses in the Park Board Budget, and golf operations has a self funded reserve account for capital projects associated with the golf courses. 

*Stanley Park vehicle and bike lanes will both have two-way lanes. We need lanes opened up for families, seniors, those with mobility challenges, and emergency service vehicles. I will vote to remove bike lanes that are blocking two-way vehicle lanes.

*If the 2030 Winter Olympic Winter Games vote passes through City Hall, I will not support any Olympic related events and/or festivities to take place on any Park Board properties unless I see data that these Games will benefit us. Vancouver deserves high quality leisure services, while being financially responsible. For example:

-         Will there be replacements/ upgrades to our centres and parks.

-         If we are going to get new facilities, let’s make sure weight rooms, gyms, meeting rooms, classes, and parking are satisfactory in size and function.

*Improving fields and sports courts; Lights, irrigation, and more dog off leash areas with fences.