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Tom is an intellectual property lawyer and scientist (M.Sc. Biochemistry) with a serious case of climate anxiety.

Here's a snapshot of a climate in crisis: Heat dome ravages Lower Mainland with hundreds killed. Lytton burns. Tornado lands. Atmospheric river flood wipes out communities and roads. King tide storm destroys shoreline around Burrard Inlet.

Folks, it is sometimes hard to remain a relentless climate optimist.

I am a climate optimist because I believe there are solutions out there. Some solutions are technical such as adopting EVs, electric bikes, and using new forms of concrete with much lower carbon intensity. Other solutions are behavioural, such as building livable, walkable communities where needs are met locally and public transit is convenient.

I'm a tech lawyer, a husband, a dad with two kids. Renter. Learned a lot in 4 years volunteering on the Vancouver City Planning Commission.

I believe the Vancouver Parks Board can take bold action to address the climate emergency by reducing our carbon footprint, enhancing urban tree and wildlife systems, reducing waste, improving circularity, and adapting facilities and services for climate resilience.

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It's time for bold action to fight the climate crisis.

vangreens.ca/tom_digby www.vangreens.ca/tom_digby