This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

Matt Dell

Independent for Victoria Council


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Candidate for Victoria City Council. Building a better city for the next generation. Advocate for housing, climate action, active transportation, public spaces, and safe/accessible communities. Dad x 2. Musician. Optimist. Pres South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association MA Poli Sci.

Matt Dell is a community leader who wants to create positive change in Victoria.

Matt is a civil servant, a former lifeguard at Crystal Pool, and volunteers on the board of Oaklands PAC and National Little League.

Since 2018, Matt has served as president of the South Jubilee Neighbourhood Association, where he works to improve quality of life for residents.

Matt is running to build a better city for the next generation. He will be a strong advocate for housing affordability, climate action, improved transit, parks and recreation, arts and culture, safe/accessible communities and effective governance.

Matt lives in the South Jubilee neighborhood with his wife Rebecca and children Sophie (5) and Corbin (9). He has a master’s degree in Political Science from UVIC.

As a new and independent candidate, Matt will listen to all voices and commit to regular open office hours. To get involved, visit

Reason for running

submitted by the candidate or their team
Tackling Affordability
Building Community
Investing in the City's Future

Matt will release a comprehensive policy plan in August 2022. 

  • Tackling Affordability - A place where all people can live and thrive.
  • Build the homes people need
  • Expand public libraries and transit
  • More supports for local business and tourism
  • Strengthening Our Community - Improve quality of life in the city.
  • Build walkable, safe, accessible neighbourhoods
  • More community events, markets and festivals
  • Champion arts and culture
  • Investing in Our Future - A commitment to future generations.
  • More parks, green space and recreation
  • Rebuild Crystal Pool & Centennial Square
  • Bold climate action

Matt's vision for good municipal government:


  • Focus on local issues within Council's control. Advocate for Victoria's needs with the provincial government. Continue the path towards Truth and Reconciliation with Indigenous People and local First Nations.


  • Set high-level strategic direction for the city. Empower the expertise of city staff. Work productively with all residents and stakeholders in the city.


  • Victoria's best days are ahead! To get there, we must work respectfully, listen to all members in our community, and tackle our biggest challenges.