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Christopher Hanna

Independent for Victoria Council


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Social Democrat. Fourth-generation Victorian. Advocate of social liberalism and financial conservatism. Forty- year career as an historian and historical researcher of Victoria, Victorians and Victoria’s built heritage. Experienced residential (re)builder. Life-long user of public transit. Caregiver for seniors. Likes trees, books, railways, and garden suites. Dislikes loud honking, worthless virtue-signalling, and government by press release. Supporter of diversity and reconciliation. Supporter of sympathetic (re)development in Victoria: i.e. densification along arterial routes served by public transit. Protector of single-family neighborhoods where basement and garden suites can prevail. More worried about the missing bottom than the missing middle. Let us celebrate all of Victoria’s First Nations, European, Chinese, Black, South Asian, and Hawaiian heritage. If we do not preserve Old Town Victoria, Chinatown and other historic landscapes of Victoria, our city becomes just another undifferentiated condo slum. The true measure of a society is how marginalized members and the environment are respected.