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Stephen Hammond

Independent for Victoria Council


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Stephen Hammond was Called to the Bar as a lawyer in 1988 and has owned his business as a speaker, and three-time author for the last 31 years. He knows about fiscal responsibility because he’s responsible for every dollar he earns and spends.

His recent community volunteer work in Victoria includes Big Brothers & Big Sisters, co-chair of the Gorge View (Housing) Society and former board member of Our Place. Stephen came to Victoria in 2000 where he met his partner, Jack Boomer. Stephen has live in the City of Victoria for the last 17 years.

Six years ago, Stephen stepped up to help his neighbourhood in crisis. He spoke up when out of sheer frustration, his neighbours were being intimidated, assaulted and their lives disrupted. He ran for mayor in the 2018 municipal election and came second. His three priorities are a safer city for everyone, realistic support for