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Roberta Solvey

Simple common sense. And good morals and values.

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As a now-retired public school teacher, Roberta has witnessed the academic rigour in our public schools decline over time, impeded by curriculum materials unrelated to the knowledge and skills that children require for success after graduation.

The focus of curricula should be on the teaching of critical thinking, reading, writing, math, geography, history, civics, and the sciences, with enrichment from the arts and physical education. Roberta believes so strongly in the need to return the focus of schools to a place of academic learning and excellence, that she is forgoing the lazy days of retirement to devote her time to the role of school board trustee. Our children need to be equipped with the necessary skills to be successful in their future endeavours, and that will involve ensuring that fiscal and other resources are spent in the right areas to accomplish this. Roberta will work hard to ensure that our schools are a place where children, regardless of race, ethnic group, or gender, can thrive and flourish. She will encourage the return to dignity, modesty, privacy, and reserve, and help children understand that good character is their most valuable asset.

Reason for running

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Roberta wants the focus of teaching to be on academics not lifestyles, education not indoctrination.

SHE will ensure that every school day will be dedicated to the education of your children and not to the dictate of some unelected bureaucratic in local or provincial government who proclaims (whatever pronoun you think the government will allow goes here) to know better than you dear parent.