This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

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Shea Smith

Independent for Victoria Council


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My name is Shea Smith. I have had the privilege of living a survivors life I know first hand the hardships of homelessness. I wish to use my experience and insight to add understanding and find solutions for Victoria's current needs.Someome who can speak for the street

Hello, I’m Shea Smith running for Council. I have a lifetime of critical experience with which some may call ‘’the other side of the tracks’’, since a young age raised in group homes and foster care. I spent previously much of my youth and adult life, one way or another, trapped in the system. I can tell you, I know the struggles personally. The street community needs a voice. As many decisions regarding them are made without them. Victoria officially has no strategy to tackle this ongoing housing crisis. Soluotions not guesses. Experience not experiments are the only thing that will bring effective healing change for the community. We have the resources and the ability .Without spending another dime. To stifle the crises in this great City. Subsidies, job creation, human rights. community, and especially housing are my goals. Effective, inclusive, bridge building, positive, experienced change is mandatory.

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I am running because it is time to bring our community to the table! The street community needs a voice .