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Lyall Atkinson

Independent for Victoria Mayor


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Lyall Atkinson was born at VGH in1963. I’m one of 11 children from a pioneer family .Lyall in married and resides in the City,

After years working in both private and Union sector health and food industry . Lyall founded his moving and hauling company in 2003, YOUR Friend with a Truck , and for the last 20 years has provided reliable delivery services. In addition to his professional work ,Lyall is an active community volunteer and builder of classic and hot rod cars.

Politically , Lyall believes City government should return to it’s core functions. While drug addiction and homeless are a blight on the city ,it is not the sole responsibility of local government to solve these societal issues . There are two senior levels of government with that specific responsibility. Victoria council needs to focus its attention and limited resources to local issues . If this community