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Jason Jones

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Born and raised in Campbell River, I have 3 younger siblings. I graduated from Southgate Secondary in 1993. In 1995 I left Canada to travel Asia for a year, and taught ESL in Vietnam, but stayed for 9 and gained a World education. I've been living in Fernwood for the last 17 yrs.

I'll use this space a little differently, as a kind of Q&A.

Q: What was your first video game?

A: It was a side scrolling shooter game that included a handful of pebbles, a piece of wood and a stream. The second one was played on the Saga Master System and called Choplifter.

Q: How do you feel about the new off-leash fencing at Dallas Road?

A: I think it was a terrible idea and yet another waste of taxpayer funds, for something that very few, if anyone, outside of the City Family wanted. It has reduced access for those dog owners that have mobility issues yet have dogs that use the field.

Q: What is it like being a member of VIVA Victoria?

A: It's a lot like being part of the Avengers. The team has all different backgrounds, strengths and ideas yet we work though them. It's just really exciting how open, approachable and hardworking this team is.

Q: What was your most recent achievement?

A: Hiking up Mount Tuam on Saltspring Island, the vista was mind-blowing.

Q: You spoke of the dog park on Dallas Road, so you're a dog person?

A: I grew up with dogs as part of the family along with many other critters, so yes, they are cool buddies. Do I have one of my own? No, I have a very unique aquarium though with a fish named shrimp.

Q: What is the big idea or change you'll bring to City Hall?

A: We need to first acknowledge that Victoria has been a tourist destination for some time, it's what our economy runs on for most of us, with numbers averaging around 4 million visitors each year. It's why the carriage tours as well Butchart Gardens are such key components to our health as a city. Only over the last number of years a new economy is being slipped in to Victoria and is picking up steam. That's the addiction & poverty economy, it's very strong in San Francisco and growing in Portland and Seattle. Our current Mayor and Council have sadly been letting it take root. I will work hard to remove this cancer economy, while reviving the best and most practical economical engine for Victoria tourism.

Q: The last one, everyone complains about the pot holes and ruts in our streets. They make our road ways not a pleasant experience, so how will you address this issue?

A: Yes, I drive too and the state of our roadways is a disgrace. Campbell River has better streets and avenues. We know why this is, so let's get Victoria a VIVA-led Council and we can correct it.

Reason for running

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The current state of Victoria has gone down too much of a negative path for me not to get involved.

Quality of character, and honesty, I'm also logical, and determined. I've been working towards this for some time. Further, I'm not scared of cancel culture or slipping in social standing on Twitter or social media. I want our city to be safe and prosperous for all. That means some tough choices need to be made, which I can do if you vote me in.