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Cindy Bedi Ralph

Rebuilding trust to strengthen the boards’ ability to stay crystal clear on their focus of the students being their number one priority in decision making. Read below for my vision.

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My goal is to serve as trustee with Compassion, Curiosity, Clear Communication, Action, and Accountability. I am ready for this responsibility and would be honoured to receive your support.

I am a mom of two high school students in SD61. I am also a proud graduate of the SD61 system. I am ready for the responsibility that comes along with using my voice and advocacy efforts for students and their learning community. I will arrive and be ready to sit around the table with an open mind and open heart and ready to work towards a governance structure that is transparent and accountable, with meaningful engagement processes; to advocate for proper and adequate funding for special needs student; to focus on mental health and wraparound services; and to ensure our schools are inclusive and safe spaces for all our LGBTQIA2S+ students.

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Reason for running

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For years I have been looking for avenues to serve our kids and their school communities allowing them to reach their own individual potential in a safe and inclusive environment. The motivation runs deep from both a personal and professional perspective.

I have first-hand, lived experience as a parent with a child needing learning supports. My work experience in stakeholder relations for the K-12 sector allowed me to gain a deep understanding of the role each stakeholder and level play in the system. I believe I have a solid foundation on which I can base my advocacy efforts on behalf of all students and families of SD61.