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Diane McNally

Independent for Greater Victoria School Board (incumbent)


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Diane has 35 years experience in public education, and was first elected to the SD61 Board in November 2011. She has a B.Ed, MBA , and French Language Diploma. Most recent community volunteering was with SOLID.

Diane will continue to advocate for students’ increased involvement at the Board. She believes services for children with exceptional needs for support always need close watching and determined advocacy.

School Board budgets can be complicated to unpack, and I want to hear from you about where you want the money to go. Keep asking questions. I will.

I hope to contribute to productive collaboration with our partner groups in the interest of all students’ success. Finally, I will continue to work to decolonize my thinking, and to interact with representatives of the Four Houses by listening and acting honourably in our work together to support Indigenous student success.