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Daphna Gelbart


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Daphna Gelbart answered a call to action for progressive candidates to step up as School Trustees in SD61.

Daphna is a lifelong public servant and running for School Trustee is a natural extension of her commitment to helping others. Daphna believes that schools should be safe, inclusive spaces where all students feel welcomed and supported in their learning.

As a School Trustee, Daphna will focus on listening to students and families as well as the broader school community; protecting programs such as art and music that allow children to flourish; climate action that helps protect the planet now and in the future; Covid 19 mitigation measures including ventilation and masking; mending relationships with First Nations; and supporting teachers in their jobs.

Daphna is a proud ally of the queer community, and believes in the importance of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) curriculum in BC schools.