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Steve Orcherton

Independent for Victoria Council

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I’m a lifelong Victorian, attending Quadra Elementary, S J Willis and a proud Vic High alumnus. Peg and I live in Oaklands, together we have four children, Levi, Caitlin, Mackenzie and Connor.

I have served Victoria provincially as an MLA, on community boards both public and private along with numerous municipal, provincial and federal agencies, and commissions.

I bring my years of varied governance experience, collaborative decision-making skills and community understanding to council. I am an experienced decision maker who builds consensus and has the capacity to listen to and consider all viewpoints. These are my skills.

Time to rebuild public trust in our council that ends the politics of dismissiveness and division, ends flavour of the day decision-making, stays within our lane of responsibility, and considers decision consequences and manages down risks.

I am an independent candidate running to be a part of that process and our future.