This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

Esther Callo

I envision an inclusive, collaborative, and equitable school district in which students engage with resources that inspire exploration, self-discovery, and personal resilience in celebration of diversity and potential.

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I bring my experience as an SD61 student, parent, PAC Director, Education Assistant, pre-service teacher, public education advocate, and community organizer to the role of trustee.
My priorities include full funding, inclusive education, and reconciliation.

I am seeking election to put students first and prioritize equity, including support for SOGI 123 and anti-racism initiatives. As a pre-service teacher with five years experience as an Educational Assistant (EA) and seventeen years experience as a parent volunteer and PAC director, I am ready to serve in the role of trustee.

​Despite the best efforts of educators, EAs and support staff, years of cuts are harming education and failing students. I will work to mobilize financial support from the Ministry of Education to protect music programs, green space, and staffing and to provide seismically safe schools equipped with shop, playground, and sports infrastructure.

The public deserves due process. Three years of research and Freedom of Information requests have given me access to undisclosed documents and records. As a public education advocate, I value public process and plan to make access to information a priority in SD61.

Reason for running

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The dysfunction of the current Board has damaged public trust and frustrated the good will of our learning community.
It’s time to build a culture of collaboration and work with stakeholders, rights holders and parents/caregivers on behalf of all students.