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Sandy Janzen

My policies are doable, achievable, action items not just platitudes. My goal would be to listen to my constituents and represent their interests to the utmost of my ability.

Housing & Homelessness


Sandy Janzen's promises

Urge the province to extend the current limit of 2% per year on rent increases to include between tenancies
A direct subsidy program will assist working low-income individuals while allowing them to remain in their current homes.

Unhoused People

Sandy Janzen's promises

Build a community that has adopted a Housing First approach and recognizes the right to basic housing as a Human Right.
ACT teams work in collaboration with police to assess and assist moving homeless people into rehabilitation centres or temporary housing.

Mental Health, Drugs, & Addiction

Treatment Programmes

Sandy Janzen's promises

Implement Community based Therapy through Social Prescribing.
The book, Lost Connections outlines how the loss of community has resulted in individuals being atomized and isolated leading to Depression.


submitted by the candidate or their team
Baby of large family, 9 siblings.
I have three grown children. While being a single mother, I attained a Bachelor of Arts/ Global Governance and I served in the Army Reserves.
I owned a Cafe in Leipzig, Germany called Canada House where I learned the value of social democracy.

Reason for running

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Life long goal to serve the public. Confident I can best uphold the tenants of good governance by representing the Voters concerns. Most invested candidate, who better to champion your interests than the person that is directly affected by the policies they are drafting!