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Jordan Quitzau

Independent for Victoria Council


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submitted to Victoria's elections office by the candidate

Dear residents of Victoria,

I would be honored to receive your vote to represent and serve you as a councillor on the Victoria City Council.

My main concern is that many young folks, including myself, would like to raise a family here in Victoria, but with the rise in housing costs and safety concerns, that dream is becoming unrealistic. Let’s change that.

To bring about change, I offer quality leadership and effective governance. I’m a former UVSS representative and real estate law legal assistant, and I graduate this fall with a Master of Arts in Professional Communication degree. I’m ready for city council.

If elected, I will focus on local issues like creating more family rental units, filling the potholes, and empowering first responders to keep parks and streets safe. The goal is to make Victoria a safer, more prosperous community.

For a better Victoria. Be bold. Take action. Vote